Help & FAQ

QUESTION: Who can I contact if I have a question?

ANSWER: For the B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet, your satisfaction is most important. Our trained professionals of staff will be glad to provide assistance. Whether you need information on our products, customer service assistance, or wish to contact the after-sales service department: Call us or send us a fax or an E-mail.

QUESTION: Can I order as a private consumer?

ANSWER: The product range of the B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet targets only business customers from industry, trade, and commerce in the European Union. Ordering as a private consumeris not possible.

QUESTION: My account is locked. What can I do?

ANSWER: After repeated failed login attempts your account will be locked for your own safety. Please contact us and we will unlock your account immediately. Phone +49 1805 674699 (14 ct/min from German fixed telephone network, max. 42 ct/min from mobile phones) E-Mail

QUESTION: Do I have to register before ordering?

ANSWER: If you want to order from the B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet, you have to be a registered user. We need your name, your full address, and your contact information such as phone number and E-mail address. Yo will need a password with which you can log in later to check and manage your account. You have the option to add a different delivery address also the billing address, but please note that both addresses must be in the same country.

QUESTION: Can I cancel my order?

ANSWER: It is not possible to cancel your order yourself. If you have questions regarding your order, wish to cancel it, or want to change the delivery address, for instance, please contact our customer service department.

QUESTION: Can I send back goods, and who pays for the transportation?

ANSWER: Products may be sent back only for reason of a complaint and only after prior consultation of our customer service. In such a case the B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet pays for the transport. Complaints and the return of products without a prior consultation with our customer service are not possible.

QUESTION: Can I also pay by invoice?

ANSWER: In the B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet webshop you can choose from the following payment methods: payment by credit card, instant bank transfer, or PayPal. A payment by invoice is not possible.

QUESTION: Can I delete my registration at any time?

ANSWER: If you want to delete your registration please contact our customer service by phone or by E-mail. The deletion can only be done by our staff. Our colleagues will be at your disposal.

QUESTION: From which countries can I order?

ANSWER: The B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet webshop is open to all interested parties all over the world. But orders can only be placed by customers located in the European Union (apart from Croatia, Cyprus and Malta) and Switzerland. Please select your country during the ordering process when entering your personal data. In case you are from a non-EU country. We hope you can find the product which fits the most to your application. We are very sorry but we are not able to accept your order online. Please contact our customer service who will be pleased to assist you with your order.

QUESTION: Do you have a VAT identification number?

ANSWER: Business clients from countries of the European Union other than Germany will not be invoiced VAT in case they have a valid VAT identification number. This helps you save time and efforts and you do not have to take measures for a tax refund after your purchase. Please be aware that the VAT identification number and the company data must fit together. B2B-Onlineshop of nass magnet will check this for correctness. Should the VAT identification number be missing or should the entered data be wrong, 19 % German VAT will automatically be invoiced.

Our offer is aimed exclusively at business customers!
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